Michelangelo at Midlife: Chasing the Tomb of Julius II

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Michelangelo at Midlife: Chasing the Tomb of Julius II by Gene Openshaw - front cover
  • New historical novel by Rick's longtime collaborator, Gene Openshaw
  • Join the quest for Michelangelo's most notorious masterpiece
  • For lovers of travel, art, mystery — and Michelangelo

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What's Included

Michelangelo at Midlife combines an engaging mix of evocative travelogue, history detective story, and beautiful color images of Europe's great art with a dash of old-fashioned romance.

Join Sam as he careens through Europe — from Florence to Paris and Venice to Amsterdam — seeking inspiration in the great Michelangelo who, for all his success, struggled to realize his lifelong passion: the Tomb of Pope Julius II.

Sam teams up with an intriguing Italian woman who opens his eyes to the deeper meaning of the tomb. She explains how Michelangelo began with over-the-top ambitions, but as those plans got continually derailed, he sank into a deep depression…a "midlife crisis."

The story culminates in Rome, where their paths converge with Michelangelo's. Can Michelangelo — and Sam — find a way to navigate the choppy waters of their lives and realize their youthful dreams?

If you've enjoyed any of our audio tours, guidebooks, Europe 101, TV shows, or Europe's Top 100 Masterpieces, you'll enjoy the latest from Rick's co-author Gene Openshaw.

"This is an entertaining treat, especially for art lovers and wanderlust-afflicted travelers looking for a breezy read." — Kirkus Reviews

"Like a trip to Italy: edifying, informative, and unpredictable." — BookLife Reviews

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Author(s): Gene Openshaw
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Pages: 326
Publication date: November 2023