Audio Book: For the Love of Europe

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For the Love of Europe Audio Book
  • 100 of Rick Steves' favorite travel memories on 10 CDs
  • Read by the author himself!
  • Experience travel thrills from Portugal to the Peloponnese
  • Includes a PDF of photographs

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    What's Included

    • 100 of Rick's most unforgettable memories on 10 CDs, collected over four decades of European travel.
    • Listen to Rick in his own voice — as he shares Europe's most exciting experiences and sights: Enjoy an all-day walk along an alpine ridge, shake your shoulders dancing at a Turkish circumcision party, take a friendly swing with a bell-ringer in a medieval church spire, wander through a sword-fern fantasy in a ruined castle, sweat with a sauna full of Finns — and much more
    • Be inspired by Rick's favorite moments  to find your own favorite slice of Europe.
    • View bonus content online with  Classroom Europe, where you can find three- to five-minute video clips that bring Rick's featured stories to life.

    Product Details

    Run time: 10½ hours
    Format: CD
    Language: English
    Source: Hachette Audio