Audio Book: Travel as a Political Act

  • Explores how travel has shaped Rick's world view
  • Read by the author himself!
  • Includes a PDF of photographs

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What's Included

Travel as a Political Act starts with the premise that we can't begin to understand the wider world without experiencing it firsthand. Travel connects people to people, it helps us fit more productively into a shrinking world, and it inspires creative new solutions to persistent problems.

Listen to Rick — in his own voice — as he explains how anyone can travel more thoughtfully — anywhere. And he shares a series of his field reports from Europe, Central America, and the Holy Land to show how travel has shaped his politics and broadened his perspective.

This 8-CD audio book is based on the 2018 print edition (current print edition was updated for 2021).

Rick donates all royalties from the sale of this book to Bread for the World, a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to ending hunger.

Product Details

Run time: 10½ hours
Format: CD
Language: English
Source: Hachette Audio