The Temporary European: Lessons and Confessions of a Professional Traveler

  • The new travel memoir from Rick’s longtime collaborator, Cameron Hewitt
  • Vivid, insightful, inspiring, and funny travel tales from all across Europe
  • Behind-the-scenes stories about writing guidebooks, tour guiding, and making travel TV

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What's Included

What's it like to write guidebooks, make travel television, and lead bus tours for a living? Find out with Cameron Hewitt, who has worked alongside Rick Steves for more than 20 years. In this travel memoir, Cameron packs you along in his rucksack — sharing his favorite travel tales from all across Europe.

Join Cameron as he shares his travel tales, including sampling spleen sandwiches at a Palermo street market; hiking alone with cows high in the Swiss Alps; stewing in Budapest's thermal baths; hand-rolling pasta at a Tuscan agriturismo; shivering through Highland games in a soggy Scottish village; selecting the best produce at a Provençal market; navigateing Spain's confusing tapas culture; exploring London's fun and fascinating street-food scene; and much more.

Along the way, Cameron reveals many lessons learned from his favorite Europeans. His stories are packed with ideas and insights for your next trip. You'll also get a good reality check for what seems to be a traveler's dream job. Not just for Rick Steves fans but for anyone who loves Europe, The Temporary European is inspiring, insightful, and fun.

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Author(s): Cameron Hewitt
Dimensions: 5" x 8" x 1"
Weight: 1.0 lb.
Pages: 384
Publication date: February 2022
Publisher: Travelers' Tales
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