Rome 2016 Guidebook

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Rome 2016 Guidebook
  • Freshly updated for 2016
  • Rick's picks for sights, eating, sleeping
  • Stuffed with self-guided walks and tours
  • Full coverage of four day-trip destinations
  • Extra tips on kids, shopping, and nightlife
  • Easy-to-read maps

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    What's Included

    In Rick Steves Rome, you'll find in-depth Rick-tested information on:

    • Practicalities
      • Easy-to-follow maps (including color maps of East Rome, West Rome, South Rome, and Italy)
      • ​Trip planning: When to go, pre-trip checklist, festivals and holidays, recommended books and movies
      • Getting around Rome by metro, bus, tram, and taxi
      • Advice on planning your time and avoiding lines
      • Transportation in Italy: Trains and driving
      • Detailed advice on managing money, communicating, reserving rooms, handling emergencies, and other helpful hints
    • Recommended Sights and Activities
    • Recommended Hotels and Restaurants
    • Self-Guided Walks
      • Heart of Rome
      • Jewish Ghetto
      • Trastevere neighborhood
    • Self-Guided Tours of Ancient Sites
      • Colosseum
      • Roman Forum
      • Palatine Hill
      • Pantheon
      • Ancient Appian Way
    • Self-Guided Church Tours
      • St. Peter's Basilica
      • Vatican Museums
      • St. Peter-in-Chains
      • "Pilgrim's Rome"
    • Self-Guided Museum Tours
      • Borghese Gallery
      • Capitoline Museums
      • National Museum of Rome
    • Day Trips
      • Ostia Antica
      • Tivoli
      • Naples and Pompeii
    • And More
      • Roman history, culture, and cuisine
      • Rome with children
      • Rome's shopping and nightlife
      • Handy Italian survival phrases


    Author(s): Rick Steves & Gene Openshaw
    Dimensions: 8" x 4 ½" x ½"
    Weight: 10.5 oz
    Pages: 598
    Publication date: September 2015
    Next edition arrives: September 2016

    Is This the Right Book for Me?

    Should I get both the Rome book and the Italy book?

    Probably not. If you're only spending a few days in Rome, as part of a longer trip in Italy, the larger guidebook for the whole country is all you're likely to need.

    If, however, you're spending at least four days in Rome, the extra information in Rick Steves Rome is worthwhile. Compared to the Rome chapter of Rick Steves Italy, the Rome guidebook offers much more in-depth sightseeing information, more self-guided city walks and museum tours, and more advice for travelers specifically interested in the city's shopping, nightlife, or activities for kids. Other information is generally the same — the Rome chapter of our Italy guidebook has all the hotels, restaurants, and nitty-gritty practical advice for Rome that you'll find in the city guidebook (plus nearly as much on its day trips — and Rick Steves Italy has a bit more on Naples).

    What’s the difference between the Rick Steves Rome guidebook and the Rick Steves Pocket Rome guide?

    Our Pocket Rome guide works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Rome. Like our other Pocket guides, Pocket Rome is smaller than the full-size guidebook and in full color (but still offers our best sightseeing advice and a handful of self-guided city walks and museum tours, plus a fold-out map). For travelers who want to delve deep into Rome — whether it's because they're staying longer, are visiting for the first time, and/or appreciate more thorough information — the full-size guidebook is a better option, as it offers more substantial (and more frequently updated) advice on every front: more information on practicalities, sightseeing, self-guided tours, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, kids' activities, and the city's history and culture, plus chapters on the best nearby day trips.

    Updates and Feedback

    Latest updates: When we learn of critical changes to the information in our guidebooks on Italy, we post them. (Of course, it's still smart to reconfirm critical transportation and sightseeing details locally.) Armed with a Rick Steves guidebook and these late-breaking updates, you're set for a great trip!

    Submit feedback: Once you've used this book in Europe, we'd love to hear your feedback — good or bad — about our advice on sights, hotels, restaurants, and travel tips. We're also interested in any tips or discoveries you made while in Europe. Your comments help us improve our guidebooks for future travelers.