Over-the-Shoulder Padded Strap

Over-the-Shoulder Padded Strap
  • Designed to fit our Convertible Carry-On
  • Clips on and off in a snap
  • Top-quality, non-slip, padded strap
  • Not compatible with our rolling bags

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  • Serious Business: To carry your loaded Convertible Carry-On over one shoulder, you need a strong, comfortable strap. We sell this one as an optional extra.
  • As Good As It Gets: Our top-quality strap adjusts to any length, and features a 12-inch non-slip, curved-and-padded center section.
  • Note: This strap works with our Convertible Carry-On — but NOT with our Rolling Carry-On, Rolling Backpack, or Classic Back Door Bag.

Product Details

Dimensions: 40" x 1 ½"
Weight: 5 oz
Materials: Polyester
Origin: Imported

Our Product Guarantee

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