Europe Through the Back Door 2016 Book

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Europe Through the Back Door 2016 Book
  • Rick's trusted, step-by-step advice on essential travel skills
  • Freshly updated — now in full color! — for 2016
  • The best-selling "how-to" travel handbook
  • Travel smarter — read it before you go!

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    What's Included

    Packed with lessons gleaned from more than 30 years of budget travel, Rick answers the questions you have now — and those you wouldn't have asked until faced with them on your trip.

    Besides the essential travel-skills tips listed below, Rick also gives a country-by-country rundown of his favorite destinations throughout Europe, and shares some of his most unforgettable experiences.

    • Getting Started: How to get inspired, decide whether to travel independently or with a group, and tips for making the most of your trip
    • Budgeting and Planning: Affording your trip, researching your trip, creating an itinerary, and prioritizing your time
    • Paper Chase: Travel documents, travel insurance, before-you-go checklist
    • Pack Light: Packing 101
    • Flying: Booking and taking flights to Europe and within Europe
    • Trains, Buses & Boats: Train tickets and rail passes, train stations, tips for a good train ride, and riding long-distance buses and ferries
    • Driving & Navigating: Renting a car, alternatives to renting, behind the European wheel, and navigating
    • Money: Cash, credit cards, and tipping
    • Sleeping: Finding the right room, reserving a room, having a good hotel stay, bed-and-breakfasts, apartment rentals, hostels, staying in European homes, and camping
    • Staying Connected: Using your smartphone in Europe, using European SIM cards, landlines, and Internet cafés
    • City Transportation: Subways, buses, and taxis
    • Sightseeing: Sightseeing strategies and tips on becoming a "temporary European"
    • Outdoor Adventure: Hiking, walking, and biking
    • Shopping: Where to shop, general tips, and a section on VAT refunds, customs, and shipping
    • Theft & Scams: Pickpocketing and theft, scams and rip-offs, and coping with lost stuff
    • Hurdling the Language Barrier: Tips on creative communication and understanding European gestures
    • Eating: Choosing among and eating in restaurants, cafés, and bars, plus more on budget options
    • Health & Hygiene: Staying healthy, pharmacies, laundry, and European bathrooms
    • Photography & Sharing Your Trip
    • Travel Styles: Traveling solo, family travel, savvy seniors, and travelers with disabilities
    • Bus Tours & Cruises
    • Perspectives: Broadening your world view through travel, understanding the European Union, European challenges and social issues, and resources for socially responsible and educational travel
    • Back Doors: A country-by-country look at Rick's favorite destinations


    Author(s): Rick Steves
    Dimensions: 8 ½" x 5 ½" x 1"
    Weight: 1 lb
    Pages: 771
    Publication date: August 2015
    Next edition arrives: August 2016

    Is This the Right Book for Me?

    If one book can make your first trip a success, this is it. Read Europe Through the Back Door before you've even decided when, where, or how you'll travel in Europe!

    Even if you're planning a return trip, this book is full of helpful refreshers on how to make the most of every mile, minute, and dollar in Europe. Travel and technology are changing fast — don't rely on old guidebooks! In this edition you'll get Rick's latest tips for finding cheap airfares online, using your smartphone in Europe, top travel apps, digital maps and navigation, using social media, and calling over the internet. And the 2016 edition is the first to illustrate all this advice in eye-catching full color.

    John Flinn of the San Francisco Chronicle writes, "Of all the dunderheaded things I did on my first trip to Europe, the dumbest thing was failing to read Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door before I went. Simply put, it's the most valuable tool I've ever found for traveling independently in Europe."

    What's the difference between Rick Steves Best of Europe, Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door, and Rick Steves' Europe 101?

    • Rick Steves Best of Europe: An honest-to-goodness guidebook, with all the specifics on sights, hotels, and restaurants for travelers on a whirlwind trip around western Europe (who don't want to buy — or lug — separate guidebooks for every stop on the way)
    • Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door: Our essential handbook for how to plan and enjoy a trip to Europe, designed to be read before you go — with in-depth advice on planning, packing, saving money, avoiding lines, staying healthy, leaping the language barrier, finding a bathroom…and lots more
    • Rick Steves' Europe 101: Our fun, informative, full-color survey of Europe's art and history — also designed to be read before your trip