Medium Flat Pack™

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Medium Flat Pack
  • Fit twice as much in the same space
  • Simply pack, then roll out the air
  • Holds a week's worth of socks and undies
  • Airtight — great for smelly laundry, too

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    • Get the Air Out: Our Flat Packs™ are perfect for the traveler who wants to organize — and compress — their belongings for more efficient packing.
    • Handy Size: Our Medium Flat Pack™ is good for one heavy sweater, or a jacket, or a week's worth of socks and underwear, or three days of dirty laundry.
    • Easy Success: Pack twice as much in the same space! 1. Fill your Flat Pack™ with bulky clothing. 2. Zip it closed with the handy zipper slider. 3. Roll out the air through the one-way valves. 4. Figure out what to do with all the extra space you've created!
    • Clearly Practical: One side is transparent so you (and airport security staff) can easily see what's inside. And they're durable enough to last for years of easy-packing travel!
    • Also Available: Large Flat Pack™ and Flat Pack™ 3-Pack

    Product Details

    Dimensions: 19 ½" x 14"
    Weight: 1 oz
    Materials: Vinyl
    Origin: Imported

    Our Product Guarantee

    Every Rick Steves travel product comes with our guarantee that it will be free from material and manufacturing defects for the life of the product. If a defect appears, we will replace the product free of charge. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by an airline or other common carrier. Nor does it cover wear and tear to components and materials which may occur over time with use of the product.