Great Britain Electrical Adapter

UK Power Adapter
  • We also have the Universal Adapter that works for the UK
  • Adapts US two-prong plugs for use in the UK
  • You'll want this one for Ireland, too!
  • Not a voltage converter
  • Limit 5 per customer

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Buy your Great Britain Electrical Adapter:


  • Plug Away: These little pluggy things let you connect American-style appliances with into oddly shaped British and Irish sockets.
  • Before You Go: Make sure your appliances have built-in 110/220-volt converters. If not, you'll need to buy a voltage converter (which we don't sell!) to use our plug adapters.
  • Across the Channel: Continental Europe uses different plugs. For travel there, get our Continental Europe Electrical Adapter.

Product Details

Dimensions: 1 ¾" x 1 ½" x 1 ¾"
Weight: 2 oz
Materials: Plastic
Origin: Imported

Our Product Guarantee

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