TSA™ Combo Travel Lock

TSA™ Combo Travel Lock
  • The only type of lock allowed in US airports
  • TSA inspectors can open and relock
  • Deter baggage-handler theft
  • Key-free, three-digit combination and flexible loop closure

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  • Timely: If tighter carry-on restrictions cause you to check your bag, you'll want to protect your belongings with this — the only type of baggage lock allowed in US airports.
  • TSA Accepted: TSA inspectors can open this sturdy combination lock with a secure tool, then re-lock it — so your belongings are protected from baggage-handling mischief.
  • Informative: If the TSA searches your bag, a red ring will appear indicating that your bag has been inspected.
  • Key-Free: Set your own personal combination and remember just three little numbers, and leave your keys at home!
  • It Fits: Compatible with lockable zipper pulls on all our bags.
  • Cheap Deterrence: One look at this, and most thieves will move on to the next person's (unlocked) bag.
  • International Flights: In the US and the UK, inspectors will treat this as a TSA-accepted lock (the only type allowed). In other countries (where locks are more liberally permitted), they'll treat it like any other combo lock.
  • Color: Black

Product Details

Dimensions: 1 ¼" x 1" x ½"
Weight: 2.4 oz
Materials: Metal
Origin: Imported

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