Rick Steves Travel Journal

Rick Steves Travel Journal
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  • Inspire your inner travel writer
  • Book-size journal
  • Includes map and phone codes

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  • Perfect Size: Big enough to fit your entire trip — and classy enough for your bookcase.
  • No Fumbling: The sewn-in cloth bookmark and inside-cover pocket help you find your place (and tickets/receipts) with the greatest of ease.
  • Cool Extras: Inside you'll find a full-color Europe map and a chart of European phone codes.
  • Fun Bonus: We've even reproduced a hand-drawn journal page from Rick's first and "best ever" trip through Europe in 1973.

Product Details

Pages: 182
Dimensions: 7 ⅝" x 4 ⅝" x ½"
Weight: 4.5 oz
Origin: Imported

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