Travel Clothesline

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Travel Clothesline
  • Dry your laundry anywhere
  • Six-foot, stretchy clothesline
  • Braided design needs no clothespins
  • End-loops with adjustable Velcro hold tight

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    • Laundry Reality: Unless you're willing to seriously overpack, or spend precious vacation time in laundromats, you'll want to wash some items in your hotel room sink. But how to dry?
    • Use It Anywhere: Our natural rubber clothesline, with clever adjustable Velcro end loops, easily attaches to doorknobs, window latches, or other hotel room appendages.
    • No Pins: Its futuristic triple-braided design allows you to attach laundry without clothespins!

    Product Details

    Dimensions: Stretches to 6 feet
    Weight: 1.5 oz
    Materials: Natural rubber
    Origin: Imported

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