Red Maps
  • Carefully and craftfully designed maps for a variety of European cities
  • Shows key sights, streets, metro stops, and more
  • Matte-laminated for readability and durability
  • Accordion-folded for easy use
  • Helpfully thorough index

Buy your Red Maps: Milan:

What's Included

  • Just What You Need: Red Maps zoom in on what matters in the heart of each city: clearly marked streets, squares, sights, metro stops, and neighborhoods.
  • Delightful to Hold and Fold: These accordion-folded maps open and close with no fuss, and their matte laminate makes them weather-resistant, easy to read in sunlight, and pleasing to the touch.
  • Smart Design: Key buildings are color-coded for easy scanability, well-chosen fonts make small text legible, and clever graphics provide plenty of detail without being overly cluttered.
  • Hyper-indexed: Thorough index helps you quickly locate sights, squares/piazzas, neighborhoods, hotels, and shops, and even includes brief sightseeing tips.
  • Up to Date: Red Maps are regularly updated, and printed in small editions to keep the information as current as possible.

Available for these European cities:

  • Dublin
  • Milan
  • Vienna

Product Details

Dimensions: Folded: 9 ½" x 4" open: 9 ½" x 24"
Weight: 1.5 oz
Materials: Matte-laminated paper