Postcards from Europe Book

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Postcards from Europe Book
  • 35 years of travel tales from Rick
  • Perfect for armchair travelers

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    What's Included

    • Roam with Rick: In Postcards from Europe, Rick Steves takes you on a private tour through the heart of Europe — introducing you to his local friends and sharing his favorite travel moments — from the Netherlands through Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, with a grand Parisian finale.
    • Meet the Locals: You'll meet Hans, a Dutch man who becomes a Dutch boy when the canals freeze over. Roberto from Siena who still bears a medieval grudge against Florence. Olle, the Swiss school teacher who risks Rick's life to show him an edelweiss they can't pick. Marie-Alice, the Parisian who takes a deep whiff of moldy cheese and sighs, "It smells like zee feet of angels." The sultry Antonella, who explains that there are no macho men in Venice: "They are mama's boys." In response, her friend Piero pulls an imaginary cord from his belly and pets it rather than cuts it, saying, "It is true. I cannot cut the cordone ombelicale. I love my mama. And she loves me even more."
    • Peek into the Past: Shuffled among Postcards from Europe are stories from Rick's past, including his first trip to Europe (his parents forced him to go), his early vagabond "Europe through the gutter" trips, and his first organized Back Door tours — run without any hotel reservations.


    Author(s): Rick Steves
    Dimensions: 8 ½" x 5 ½" x ¾"
    Weight: 12 oz
    Pages: 265
    Publication date: March 2009 (2nd edition)
    Next edition arrives: Not yet scheduled

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    Whether you're dreaming in an armchair, have packed, or are unpacking, Postcards will inspire a love of travel, of Europe, and of Europeans.