Rick Steves' European Festivals Book

Rick Steves' European Festivals Book
  • Companion book to Rick's TV special
  • In-depth look at Europe's top 10 festivals
  • Extra information on 40 more favorites
  • Learn the history behind the traditions
  • Festively filled with colorful photos

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What's Included

It's party time in Europe! In this colorful companion book to the "Rick Steves' European Festivals" TV special, Rick teams up with co-author Gene Openshaw to explore the history behind Europe's top 10 festivals — and revel in all vibrant pageantry (and often oddball zaniness).

There will be no museums! And no art galleries! Just Europeans having lots of fun. Across Europe, festival traditions go back centuries, and are filled with time-honored ritual. Entire communities hurl themselves with abandon into the craziness. We'll careen all over Europe, from early spring to year-end fun:

  • Carnival: Venetian Carnevale's masquerade madness, the pagan revelry of Kurentovanje in rural Slovenia, and Fasnacht chaos in Luzern
  • Holy Week processions in Sevilla
  • Orthodox Easter ceremonies and feasting in Greece
  • The horses and dresses at April Fair in Sevilla
  • The Palio in Siena — the world's most insane horse race
  • The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
  • Bastille Day pride and parties in Paris
  • Highland Games in Scotland
  • Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Christmas markets and traditions across Europe

…plus take a look at 40 more all-time favorites. With fascinating insights, rich history, and vivid photos, this great gift book captures the spirit of Europe's rich and fun-loving heritage. Hang on to your party hats!

Product Details

Author(s): Rick Steves & Gene Openshaw
Dimensions: 7" x 7" x ½"
Weight: 15 oz
Pages: 240
Publication date: November 2017